The Boat - Atlantic 75

Our lifeboat is an Atlantic 75 rigid inflatable - 7.3 m in length and was provided by the RNLI from a bequest by the late Margaret Bench of Solihull in the West Midlands and follows the tradition of generosity that has been shown by the people of Solihull and Wolverhampton - who raised money to provide the 2 previous lifeboats at Abersoch.

This boat replaces the "Borough of Solihull", an Atlantic 21 lifeboat that has been on station at Abersoch for over 10 years.

The name Atlantic is derived from Atlantic College in Wales, where the rigid inflatable was first developed. ‘75’ is derived from a length of nearly 7.5m. Fast, manoeuvrable and very reliable, the B class operates in rough weather conditions, even at night.

The Atlantic 75 is a rigid inflatable lifeboat. Which was introduced in 1993. It can be operated safely in daylight in a force 6/7 and at night in a force 5/6.

The Atlantic 75 is based on the Atlantic 21 and her twin 75hp Yamaha outboard engines make her one of the fastest lifeboat in the fleet, her hull design provides a softer ride than her predecessor for the three crew and survivors especialy now that there is a water ballast tank under the deck, towards the bow. This ballast tank is filled or emptied whilst the boat is underway.

They have a manually operated self-righting mechanism and are capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to engines or steering gear.

All RNLI inshore lifeboats are built and maintained at the Inshore Lifeboat centre (ILC) in Cowes, Isle of Wight. RNLI designers and engineers continually make improvements to existing craft to meet the changing needs of the lifeboat service and develop new classes of lifeboat as required.